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Location: 1925 Harbor Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA.

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Call/Text- Tate (760)880-8264


Specializing in:

Olympic Weightlifting

Power Lifting

Metabolic Conditioning

Anaerobic Conditioning

Bodyweight Movements

Personal Training

Getting you Ripped and Lean! 




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CrossFit is for everyone! Male or Female. Young or Old. Beginners or Advanced.

Sport Specific Training

Strength and Conditioning

Endurance Training


Agility, Balance, and Speed Training


"I had been hearing about crossfit from lots of people and thought of it as a man's workout until I heard some of my girlfriends were trying it. I was still very nervous to go, mostly because I was out of shape but also I was expecting a bootcamp like situation with aggressive trainers. Thats not how this gym is at all. I went with 3 of my girlfriends (all first timers) and the trainers walked us through technique before the workout so we all felt comfortable. They pushed us but weren't aggressive, just encouraging. I was pleasantly surprised with Crossfit Upgrade and cant wait to go back."

- Stephanie


"Crossfit Upgrade is a hands on gym with quality personalized training. They currently have two very experienced trainers and maintain small class sizes so everyone gets individual attention and assistance.

I have been crossfitting for nearly two years and I have found myself making more rapid progress on my skills and techniques in my 4 months at Crossfit Upgrade than I had previously due to this hands on approach from the training staff.

If you are an experienced crossfitter like myself, brand new to crossfit, or even new to working out period Crossfit Upgrade is the place for you. Give it a try! You'll be glad you did."

- Katy



***If you need to make up any of the workouts for the 60 day challenge, you have this week to do it.

***We will be having our end of the challenge/Summer BBQ next Saturday the 19th. I will be announcing the winner of the challenge at the BBQ. More details to come, just make sure you'll be there.

Strength/Skill: 5 Rounds of the complex, adding weight each round.
1 Round= 1 Power clean+ 1 Hang Clean+ 1 Clean+ 1 Jerk+ 1 front squat.
* no dropping the bar between movements.
* build to the heaviest load.


10 rounds of:
5 pull-ups
5 push-ups

5 rounds of:
10 sit-ups
10 KB High-Pulls (1.5/1)

2 rounds of:
20 wall-ball shots, 20-lb. ball
20 box jumps, 24-inch

* 20 min time cap

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