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  • Getting you Ripped and Lean!

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CrossFit is for everyone! Male or Female. Young or Old. Beginners or Advanced.

Sport Specific Training

Strength and Conditioning

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Specializing in:

Olympic Weightlifting

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Personal Training

Getting you Ripped and Lean! 




Review us on YELP!!


CrossFit is for everyone! Male or Female. Young or Old. Beginners or Advanced.

Sport Specific Training

Strength and Conditioning

Endurance Training


Agility, Balance, and Speed Training


For the Women looking to start crossfit, but just arent sure...

90% of the time when I am approached by women whom are interested in starting crossfit, I am asked two questions: 1) "will I get bulky", and 2) "There is no way in hell ill be able to do any of that, will I?" And I believe this is do the perceived reputation that Crossfit is too "hardcore", and only for guys that want to get "big"; which couldnt be further from the truth. I think across the crossfit community you will see that the majority of members in any given gym are going to be females, whom are not big, nor bulky by any means; rather fit, lean, and sexy.

Here are few of the stories from some members of what they initially expected, and what the actual reality of crossfit is:



  • Melissa Wong


I was always curious, but intimidated, by crossfit. I started hearing about it everywhere and seeing pictures of friends who did it and admired the fact that they were seemingly having fun but also getting more and more fit as time went on. I finally decided to give it a try. It was painful and I couldnt walk for days after my first session but I kept coming back because I loved the structure and variety of the workouts. After about a month, I found Crossfit Upgrade and knew this is the place where I belonged. 
Crossfit Upgrade provided me with a place where I could get a great workout and it soon became a second family to me. My boyfriend joined me about a month later and we saw changes not only in our physical appearances but in our relationship as well. This was something we could bond over and it has become a healthy "habit" that we both partake in together. 
Crossfit Upgrade truly has become a second family to me. The environment is incredibly welcoming and accepting of people at all different levels, ages, etc. No one is there to judge anyone and its an amazing feeling to know that everyone is genuinely happy for you when you accomplish one of your goals. Thanks Crossfit Upgrade!!! <3
  • Andrea Marr

I am truly blessed.  I’m about to turn 30 and I’m in the best shape of my life.  I ran a mile a month ago and beat my college mile time.  I have an amazing group of friends (including my roommate) who I would never have met if it weren’t for CrossFit.  I have lost weight, learned to cook healthy, delicious food and done things I never thought possible like pull ups and hand stand push ups.  CrossFit isn’t the end all, be all of fitness but for an average person like me, it was life changing.   





  • Angel Smith


Let me start by saying that I have struggled with my weight for a long time. Like many of you (I know this may sound infomercial-y), I tried everything. Pills, diets, shakes, gym memberships, personal trainers, bootcamps, starving, etc. I was so discouraged because it seemed like no matter what I did, the weight just kept piling on. Whats worse, is that the weight literally weighed me down from really living my life to the fullest. It had an affect on me mentally, and stopped me from doing so many things I wanted to do. It was always "I'm too fat/out of shape/etc" or "I'd like to do that, but I probably can't". That and how I felt about myself were the hardest things of all for me.
On April 1, 2012, I started at Crossfit Upgrade.
I had been hearing about CrossFit for a while and thought of it as a man's workout, or just too hard for me, until I heard some of my girlfriends were trying it. I was still very nervous to go- terrified, actually. Mostly because I was so out of shape, expecting it to be like a meat-market and hard bodies everywhere, and also I was expecting a bootcamp/weight-lifting like situation with aggressive trainers. I had worked out before, but never really lifted weights (10 lb dumbells didn't count in my mind). I believed the very common misperception about women who lift weights "getting bulky".
I couldn't have been more wrong about all of it.
It is said that Crossfit is the one sport where the loudest cheers are for the last to come in, and that couldn't be more true. The comradery at Crossfit Upgrade is undescribably amazing. I think one of my favorote things of all is the people, especially the girls :) I was so relieved when I first started to see that they were not all skinny, fit, hard bodies that would make me feel insecure. They are ALL shapes, sizes, weights, and body types. And they are the most down to earth & great bunch of women I know. They are amazing and inspire me to do things I never thought I could. They are a support system, and probably have no idea how much they motivate me. #ladybeasts
I no longer look at the scale, I look at the difference in my body and the things I can do now that I never thought were possible. Since starting at Crossfit Upgrade, I have lost 41 pounds, 13 % body fat, and so many inches I have to buy a whole new wardrobe.
I am so happy and proud to be a part of Crossfit Upgrade, and to know all of the amazing members there :) Thanks for giving me my life back guys, oh and making me a total bad ass.



  • Jill Baker


I started at Crossfit Upgrade almost 8 months ago and it has completely changed my life! Being overweight and not working out or taking care of my health for a long time, made me very intimidated and nervous going in.. Are these people going to make fun of me? I CAN’T possibly do any of these workouts! Are they all going to be ripped and strong? I won’t EVER be like that!

After one class, I quickly realized this was far from reality.  Not only were the trainers supportive and knowledgeable, but the clients that workout there were the most supportive, encouraging and helpful group of people I have ever met.  My first workout I had people cheering me on and high-fiving me after I was done.  And although I finished last, I felt so proud of myself; not just because I finished, but because I stuck with it.

After 8 months, I have lost 40lbs and have gained a supportive community that continuously encourages me to be better.  I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my life, and I feel great! The words “I CAN’T “no longer are part of my vocabulary, because Upgrade has taught me that I can do anything I put my body and mind to.





  •  Kristen Devinney


Prior to becoming a member at CrossFit Upgrade I knew I was going to like CrossFit. Short, intense, leave you laid out on the ground workouts? Sign me up. What I didn't know was how hard I was going to fall in love with CrossFit, and especially with Upgrade. My first coaches, Tate and Billy, pushed me and believed in me when I didn't believe in myself, and that is an experience I have no words for. My progress in the past year is the proof and wouldn't be what is is without them. 
All of the coaches at Upgrade are awesome, the members are like family to me, and this gym welcomes all ages and skill levels.  I have watched Upgrade grow into what it is today, and it's a place I'm happy to call my second home






  • Alexandra Bardales ( on the right


I started Crossfit not knowing anything about weights, barbells, discipline, or sports. I had zero to very little experience in all of the mentioned fields (discipline especially ;)) ... 
I started as a regular person just trying it out, seeing if I liked it, and seeing if I could get through the class. 
What I found was that 1) I DIDN'T like it, but at the same time couldn't turn my back on it,  2) the more I came/the more consistent I was with coming to class, the more progress I saw which lead to 3) actually LIKING it and then finally LOVING IT. 
I started to enjoy coming to class as I started to feel stronger. I went from being flabby and having no muscular development to feeling more and more fit, and seeing my body tighten up in the right places.
Initially, aesthetics was all I was after at that point; I wanted to look better in a bikini and feel more confident. But when I reached the point I thought was my initial goal, that's when my goals and concerns changed.  
Now, I enjoy building strength as my main focus, but also appreciate the conditioning I get by doing Crossfit- it's a win-win. It feels good to be fit, and I want other women to discover this level of happiness and physical strength that leads to being an overall happy human. 
  • Jana Santiago
I was active from a young age - gymnastics, ice skating, and basketball. I even continued playing basketball in college. After I graduated and started to work I focused on hiking and doing outdoor workouts, but the intensity was never the same as my workouts in high school and college basketball.  Once I went back to graduate school my motivation to work out practically disappeared.  I found myself stressed out with school work, internships and deadlines, without any ME time. 

When I discovered CrossfitUpgrade in April 2013 everything began to change.  Not only was I able to channel my energy and stress onto my workouts, but I felt happier with myself.  I was allocating time in my week to improve on my body and mind. When I workout and push myself to reach my best I naturally grow confidence in myself which I can carry on to my school work and career. 

My experience with CrossfitUpgrade has been and will continue to be life changing. I look forward to connecting with more people and motivating each other no matter what level of fitness we find ourselves in!



  • Nida Kahn


A little background on myself: 29 years old, work an 8 to 5 and extremely awkward – athletically speaking.  So, why did I start Crossfitting?.. Because, I had the desire to create a healthy lifestyle… something that went beyond the treadmill and globo-gym routine.  Something with structure that held you accountable for your results.  I was excited to challenge myself, and see what the hype was all about.  I knew walking in I was going to suck (which, quite honestly is the story of my life in almost every sport I’ve attempted) but, that wasn’t going to hold me back.  I knew the bottom line with CrossFit was to just SHOW UP …and by show up I mean - be present, focus and try your best.  I knew this wasn’t the place to hide my weaknesses, and staying positive was key.  I walked in awkwardly, fumbling through movements and initial workouts, showcasing all of my vulnerabilities.  I would, like most anyone else with my background feel defeated, but after every workout one of the trainers would always acknowledge my struggle and tell me I did a good job and give me a high five – which kept me moving. I’m now almost 6 months in, and have seen a change in my body that I know comes strictly through the work I've put in at Crossfit Upgrade.  All of my “awkward beginnings” are paying off, because I stuck with it. You’ll partake in different challenges that help you focus on creating a healthy lifestyle (not a diet plan), and conquer movements.  You also have the support of educated trainers who help you understand what you’re experiencing every step of the way.